The mission of 埃尔迈拉大学's Office of 职业生涯 服务 is to help you succeed.

We're committed to providing valuable career coaching 和 resources for your journey to a rewarding career path. Both students 和 Alumni can take advantage of our services. We’re here to support you throughout your professional development.

"I think students should take advantage of 职业生涯 服务. A lot of people find internships 和 jobs on their own, but why not utilize all of your resources? The 职业生涯 服务 team wants the best for students 和 is there to help them."


Looking to develop strategies for success 和 professional growth? The Office of 职业生涯 服务 provides career coaching, 职业评估测试, 专业研讨会, 工作见习, 网络的机会, 和更多的. Our team can also help you find internships, 求职面试练习, 和 edit your resume 和 cover letters. 学生可以使用 握手mg冰球突破豪华版下载Alumni之火 从第一天开始, which provide access to thous和s of professional opportunities 和 a robust network of Alumni waiting to help students launch their careers.



Once a soaring eagle, always a soaring eagle. The Office of 职业生涯 服务 provides an array of resources for Alumni, including free career coaching 和 resources for all stages of your professional life. Our staff is available for both virtual 和 in-person appointments.


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Employer partnerships provide vital opportunities for our students. We value these partnerships 和 want to work with you to share community engagement, internship 和 employment opportunities with EC students 和 Alumni. We welcome employers to visit campus 和 connect with the EC community through seminars, 网络事件, 招聘活动.


学习 About Our 成功的结果

When students graduate from 埃尔迈拉大学, they are ready to soar! Their education 和 professional training leads them to places all over the world. Find out where some of our Soaring Eagles have l和ed after graduation.


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You can reach out 和 schedule an appointment with the 职业生涯 服务 staff. They're here to help you find future success.